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Logan Luna Junior Trainer

Experience: 2 years of boxing experience, training amateurs, pros, etc. Have been strength and conditioning training for about 6 years.

Adrian Rodriguez Senior Trainer

Experience: Been in boxing over 20 years as a fighter and trainer. Played sports and working out has been a big part of my life. What do you like about your job: Helping others achieve their goals and keeping the art of boxing alive.

Aden Jacks Junior Trainer

Experience: 3 years of boxing experience, training against pro boxers. What do you like about your job: I love helping people to meet their goals. Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: I’m a big soccer fan. Favorite Sport/Team: Burrussia Dortmund soccer team.


BOX BEAT is an authentic Boxing Gym that provides training for all levels from beginner to pro for every type of man, woman and child. Members of Box Beat receive the same training, perform the same drills, and undergo the same technique development as professional boxers.

Our mission is to empower todays youth to learn the art of professional fighting, while supporting anti-bullying efforts in young adults. Female owned and operated Box Beat gym is supporting and empowering women to be who you are, and find your inner strength.

Boxing is rated

the most difficult sport by ESPN.COM. With a team of professional trainers, you will train like a professional fighter. We have the best trainers for the world’s toughest sport. We take pride in getting our members in the best shape possible!


Based on 25 reviews
Alex Cortes
Alex Cortes
Great boxing gym and facilities, high quality training by devoted professional trainers who always gives their best to get the best possible results from trainees. I always look forward to the next training lesson. Love it!
Preston Campbell
Preston Campbell
Best boxing community in San Antonio. It’s a hardcore workout, but after you’ll feel like a million bucks. Great trainers and environment.
Alasia Llanos
Alasia Llanos
Aidan is so good with the kids! He’s encouraging, kind, and helpful and I’m so happy with what he’s done with my nephew.
Vaidehi Bhatt
Vaidehi Bhatt
Box beat is a good place to get fast paced full body workout. I was truly a novice at boxing and went there through ClassPass. I really enjoyed the experience. It was challenging in a good way. The instructor Logan was fantastic! He spent a long time making sure I was also learning the techniques and keeping the form correct as I did the punches. It was a great learning experience along with a good workout!
I feel like this review is long overdue, so here goes. If I can rate it more stars, I would. I started this fitness journey on a whim January of 2022, looking for a hobby to call my own. Boxing not only provided the most intense fitness for my body's physiology but the best mental therapy in its existence. Coaches Adrian, Val, Logan, Ryan and Aden provided instruction and motivation, for me to acquire the skills of not only self-defense but, confidence, coordination, agility, reflex, stamina, and knowledge in the world's most physically demanding sport. Luz Ortiz's gym and her staff are very welcoming to all students of all skill levels. I feel welcomed enough to consider BOXBEAT as a sanctuary for the reality of everyday life. I have lost 40+ pounds in 8 months through the avenues of consistency of dieting and exercise that BOXBEAT has provided. You will never find a better stress relief than boxing, and this gym has its own champions in the making for those that pursue that route. Discipline, Respect, Mental toughness, Self-Control, and the ability to deal with fear are all very challenging hard skills and challenges to get through and acquire. This place provided it for me. In conclusion BOXBEAT provided me with a passion for the tough world of boxing. I never found passion on anything else other than this, and once you find your passion, it's like falling in love all over again. Thank you BXBT staff! - Matt Lalinde
Nicholas Sauceda
Nicholas Sauceda
Started going to this place a couple months ago with my uncle and cousin and we all love it.
Ash Ren-Harvey
Ash Ren-Harvey
Lux I love you thanks for showing me being a strong Hispanic woman is beautiful and awesome!!! Thank you for being such a great role model
Geist Johnson
Geist Johnson
Great combination of an all around work out! The coaching staff is 100% committed and extremely attentive to all individuals during workouts.


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Phone: (210) 414-7222

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