Group Classes

Monday & Wednesday
6:45pm-7:45 pm
6:45pm-9:00pm Open Gym

Tuesday & Thursday
9am-10 am
5:30pm-6:30 pm
6:45pm-7:45 pm
7pm-9:00pm (Amateur Training)

5:30pm-7:30 (Open Gym)


Punch Out Parkinson’s
Wednesday & Friday
10am-11am (No Charge)

Kids Classes


Day Use Class

Daily Use Fee

Enter your description
$ 15 Use fee
  • Individual Membership
  • Military/Students
  • Discount $100/mo.*

5 pack of daily use

Enter your description
$ 75 Daily
  • Individual Membership
  • Military/Students
  • 5 Clasees

Weekly Summer Camp

Enter your description
$ 75 Daily
  • Individual Membership
  • Military/Students
  • 4 Classes

Package 4

Enter your description
$ 140 One Time Fee
  • 10 Class Package for $140
  • 5 Class Package for $75
  • Daily Fee is $16


Monthly Boxing Class

Package 1

Enter your description
$ 125 Monthly
  • Individual Membership
  • Military/Students
  • Discount $100/mo.*

Package 2

Enter your description
$ 195 Monthly
  • Primary Member
  • + Spouse or a Child

Package 3

Enter your description
$ 265 Per Month
  • Family Membership:
  • Primary Member
  • Spouse and Child
  • Additional child $30

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Pre-Payment Plan Discounts


Amateur Team Training

Enter your description
$ 75 Monthly
  • (Tuesday/Thursday 7-9pm Only)

Kids Class

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$ 75 Monthly
  • (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4-5pm)
6 Months (Get 6 Months Pay for 5) + Free Hand Wraps & 1 PT Session
12 Months (Get 12 Months Pay for 10) + Free Hand Wraps, Gloves & 2 PT Sessions

Meet The Trainers

Luz Ortiz Owner/Trainer

Experience: Training using boxing since 2014. Coaching since 2016. Practice many sports throughout my life always been very involved in health and fitness…
What do you like about your job: Helping people achieve their goals and getting them healthier. Love to see transformations and making people feel good.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: Family, Tennis, Cycling
Favorite Sport/Team: Tennis Rafael Nadal
Best time of the day: Morning
Defining Moment: Becoming a mother
If life gives you lemons: Drink tequila….
From: Mexico
Favorite meal: All Vegetarian meals
Life Motto: Work Hard / Play Hard

Adrian Rodriguez Senior Trainer

Experience: Been in boxing over 20 years as a fighter and trainer. Played sports and working out has been a big part of my life.
What do you like about your job: Helping others achieve their goals and keeping the art of boxing alive.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: Basketball and swimming
Favorite Sport/Team: Boxing & The Spurs.  Yankees & NY Giants
Best time of the day: Waking up. Blessed with another day.
Defining moment: Becoming a DAD
If life gives you lemons: Pray. Weather the storm and this too shall pass.
From: Brooklyn, NY
Motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Logan Luna Junior Trainer

Experience: 2 years of boxing experience, training amateurs, pros, etc. Have been strength and conditioning training for about 6 years.
What do you like about your job: I like the fact that I don’t consider it to be work, I love what I do and enjoy helping people reach their full potential.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: playing with my dogs and enjoying the outdoors.
Favorite Sport/Team: San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys.
Best time of the day: Doesn’t matter
If life gives you lemons: That’s one less thing to buy at HEB.
From: San Antonio, TX
Favorite meal: healthy-chicken and rice w/ veggies.
Cheat meal: Pizza of course.

Aden Jacks Junior Trainer

Experience: 3 years of boxing experience, training against pro boxers.
What do you like about your job: I love helping people to meet their goals.
Interest Outside of Work or Hobby: I’m a big soccer fan.
Favorite Sport/Team: Burrussia Dortmund soccer team.
Best time of the day: Morning are the best.
If life gives you lemons: Squeeze them over grilled chicken.
From: San Antonio, TX
Favorite meal: Grilled chicken and veggies.
Motto: Out work any and every one!


BOX BEAT is an authentic Boxing Gym that provides training for all levels from beginner to pro for every type of man, woman and child. Members of Box Beat receive the same training, perform the same drills, and undergo the same technique development as professional boxers.

Our mission is to empower todays youth to learn the art of professional fighting, while supporting anti-bullying efforts in young adults. Female owned and operated Box Beat gym is supporting and empowering women to be who you are, and find your inner strength.


Boxing is rated the most difficult sport by ESPN.COM. With a team of professional trainers, you will train like a professional fighter. We have the best trainers for the world’s toughest sport. We take pride in getting our members in the best shape possible!


(NW Military Highway and 1604)
4553 N. Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, Tx 78249
Phone: (210) 414-7222

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